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CM Labs Community Forums Code of Conduct

Welcome to the CM Labs community forums! Here, you can exchange ideas, tips and tricks with other Vortex® Studio users and CM Labs staff.

This forum is a place where you’ll meet individuals with a wide range of simulation, 3D design and integration expertise. In order to ensure a positive experience, we’ve drafted a few broad rules we expect everyone taking part in conversations to follow. Please note that anyone who breaks those rules may be banned from the CM Labs community forums.

  1. Be respectful of other members and CM Labs employees at all times. Personal attacks, cursing and swearing, threats and obscene material will not be tolerate;
  2. Do not post personally identifiable information, such as personal email, address or phone number about other members or CM Labs staff. This rule is also applicable to private exchanges, whether using the forums’ built-in messaging or third-party solutions;
  3. Do not link to third-party sites containing obscene or objectionable materials. Links should be relevant to the discussion at hand;
  4. Do not share protected, copyrighted or trademarked materials for which you do not own the right to, or without the express permission of the owner of the copyright or trademark.;
  5. No advertising or spam. Off-topic discussions or promotion of products or services are not allowed. We understand third-party solutions are involved in the creation of simulation content. These solutions may be mentioned as long as they are in direct relation to the topic at hand, and you will not benefit monetarily from it;
  6. Only one account per member. Do not create duplicate accounts, especially with the purpose of promoting or supporting topics created using your main account;
  7. This forum and any posts within are the property of CMLabs Simulations, Inc. We reserve the right to delete any posts or discussions we judge are not following the rules listed above. We may also remove the posting privileges of individuals contravening these rules at any time.

If you have any questions regarding the CM Labs forums’ code of conduct, or wish to report content or individuals you believe are contravening the rules describe above, you can contact the moderators at

* Vortex is a registered trademark of CMLabs Simulations Inc. in Canada and a trademark elsewhere.

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