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Emission Materials

Im wondering how Emission materials work?

It was brought to my attention that the lights maps on vehicles were not bright enough. I saw that depending on the time of day the lights maps did not show up at night or in shadow. I simply took the image of the lights and copied it into the emission channel and turned the color all the way to white. This makes the lights always show their original color value 100%. 


Yes, that's how it works. If you want self-lit textures, they need to be put in the Emissive channel. You can control the level of illumination with a script (don't forget to expose the required Graphics Gallery's values via a VHL interface!) to turn lights on and off, or add a mask to control what's lit and what isn't (like windows at night). 

Check out the medium forklift mechanism and the EOD scene in the Vortex Studio samples for an example of both. 

Also, note that Emissive textures are self-lit, but do not themselves emit light (basically, they can't glow and illuminate nearby textures). So you still need to add a light if you want to do headlights or glowing areas. 

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