Vortex Studio 2017c now available

I’m proud to announce the third Vortex Studio release of this year, version 2017c. Along with support for OpenVR, there are lots of improvements on both the dynamic and graphic sides, and we’re continuing to make it easier to install, deploy and monitor a simulator.


We’ve made several performance improvements to the dynamic systems for faster calculations. With Vortex Studio 2017c, you can create more detailed and life-like simulations, thanks to the faster dynamics calculations enabled by the new Partition Optimiser. Enabled by default in the Dynamics Module, the Partition Optimiser automatically shapes the data before it is fed into the solver, speeding dynamics calculations by up to 40%, with no loss of accuracy.


We’ve also made it possible to substep the dynamics calculations by selecting a stepping mode in the Setup file.


Additionally, we are introducing a Hooking extension to greatly simplify lifting equipment setup. We’ve also made it easier to add constraints to a mechanism, and the Earthworks Systems’ Soil Particle data has been optimized to improve the performance on distributed simulators.


On the graphics side, we’ve added support for several advanced anti-aliasing options, such as Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA), and introduced an additional visual option in the Cable Systems that automatically instances 3D geometries along a cable’s length — perfect for modeling chains, or tank tracks. For earthmoving, the new Screen Space Mesh (SSM) feature renders a soil material between particles to create a smooth look for soil while keeping computations to a minimum. You won’t believe how realistic it looks!



Vortex Studio 2017c features a simplified deployment process, new tools on the Director panel, an improved VHL interface, and built-in UDP (User Datagram Protocol) support. Last but certainly not least, Vortex Studio now includes support for head-mounted display devices! If you have an OpenVR-compatible head-mounted display, such as the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift, it is now possible to view a simulation through it by changing the desired display in the configuration file. No need to make in-depth changes to content, cameras or viewpoints.


If you are a user of the free Vortex Studio Essentials edition of our software, VR support and most of the dynamics & graphics upgrades will be accessible. Since earthmoving simulation is not included in the Essentials edition, its new visual effects won’t be available, however.


Vortex Studio 2017c can be downloaded right now. If you have an active maintenance and support contract, upgrade for free – simply download the new installer through your online account page.


And don’t forget you can also post your questions, feedback or ideas right here on our Vortex Studio Community Forum!

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