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Using the Dynamic Ocean to Drive a vessel

He Guys,

Looking at the Imposter object I figured that this can be used to drive the motions of a Vessel floating in an ocean.

However, I could not figure out how to connect it to a part so I guess my English is limited... :(

In short:  Is a dynamic ocean indeed capable of driving the motions of a part floating in it? 

 And if so:

  - How?

  - Is that then based on force coupling or is it based on a motion coupling?

Thanks in advance,

Kind regards,


Hi Chris,

The Imposter is an extension that clips the water graphics so you don't end up with water in the hold of your ship:

To make a part float in the Ocean object (or a Fluid Surface), you need to set a few parameters at the Part level:

If all you want is to follow the surface motions of the waves, and not collide with anything, you could use a Buoy extension:

But in your use case I would model the hull of the ship with a part and buoyancy, to get the proper hydrodynamics (roll, etc.). 

Hi Chris,

Forget using the Buoy option -- I just tried it (took 30 seconds), it doesn't work well. 

To get a proper interaction with the Ocean, you'll need to add a hull. If you don't have one (or if the shape is not important), you could always use the Norman Kraken ship found in the Vortex Samples... 


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