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Creating a material table in Python

He Guys,

In creating Python based Vortex models I am able to define a new contact material:

I assume this works:


Steel_Mat = VxSim.VxMaterial()



And it seems to do as the proper collision geometry is assigned the 'Steel' Material name.

Geom_Prm = A2Vx.Set_Props_Object(Geom_Key, 'Geom', 'Parameter/Material', Steel_Mat)   # just to show the syntax to define the collision geometry material.

The only problem is that the material table doesn't contain a row/column with Steel material.  :(  (Unless I manually add it in Vortex).

Is there a Python way to automate adding this material to the material table including the definition of all required matching contact parameters?

Thanks for the feedback,

Kind regards,


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Hi Chris,

When you say that the material table does not contain the new entry, do you mean the table displayed in the editor?

This table displays only the content of the default material table file (see editor options) or (if present) the material table of a material table extension in an opened scene file that is currently active in the editor.

So, the material probably appears correctly in the material table which is used in simulation (see VxUniverse::getRigidBodyResponseModel()->getMaterialTable()), but it does not show up in the material table widget, since you are not adding an entry to the file, but to the simulation material table.

As a matter of fact, by setting a material in a collision geometry, it gets automatically registered in the simulation material table.



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