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animated textures

anyone have tips on simple animated textures like water?

You can make a texture move by using a script to change its UV Offset input value. 

To create the river in the attached image, we used two Graphics Galleries. One is the terrain and contains the river bed textures. The other gallery is the water surface, which uses transparent textures. This way, the river isn't automatically included in the terrain collision geometry, and we can easily adjust its level by moving the gallery up or down. To create the dynamic effects of the flowing water, we used fluid surfaces placed in the river. 

By using a script, we made the Albedo, Gloss and Normal textures of the river "move" by changing the UV Offset values between 0 and 1 (important -- the textures used were seamless). The script includes parameters for speed so we can tune the animation. In the end, we got best results by slightly offsetting the three textures, to give added visual complexity. Splashes were handled separately with sensors and particle emitters. 


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thanks helpful

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