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Vortex Studio Essentials Edition hostid not match

I have downloaded Vortex_Studio_2017.6.0.17_x64_vc10.msi and installed the software,

1.on my laptop,the hostid is:


2.when i manual activetion,i got the  hostid look like this:

image, when i import the license.lic file to votex license manager, give me the error:


how can i fix it?

Sorry , the version is Vortex_Studio_2018.3.0.42_x64_vc14  .

Hi JF,

We corrected the host ID in the license.  Please erase and redownload the license file from your account:


Sylvain Giasson 
Vortex Front End Team Lead  |  Chef d'équipe Vortex Front End
CM Labs Simulations, Inc.

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