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External python code for vortex studio

I plan to use a vortex studio as a simulating plant for machine learning. Is it possible to call and co-simulate a vortex studio scenario from an external python SDK code? If it is possible, please recommend some reference document.

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Python can indeed be used to script an external application that loads and simulates content. Said content can be created via the Vortex Studio Editor or by code, be it C++ or even Python. 

Check the online Vortex Studio documentation for more information:

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Some examples of how Python can implement Vortex are available via our tutorials. The "Tutorials" folder is installed along with Vortex and should be available in your installation folder.  The Python tutorials are named beginning with "Py", eg "PyContentCreation".

"PyContentCreation" will demonstrate how to create assets using the Python API, and "PyMechanismViewer" will demonstrate how to load and simulate assets.

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