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Creating a Rover from a vehicle preset


I am using Vortex Studio Essentials to model and simulate a rover. In a first approach, I used cylindrical constraints as engines for the wheels, and it worked.

Now, I am adding a vehicle preset to the model, following the steps in, to have more dynamic parameters and, in the end, make a more realistic simulation.

I have chosen the 3 axles truck preset, because it has 6 wheels like the rover. As chassis I have seleccted the body of the vehicle, but not the links that hold the wheels to it. After setting the grid material to Ground, and the "Controlling the Vehicle" step, I test the mechanism. As result, the front wheels stay locked, and the others turn. Overall, the vehicle do not move. I have also configured the tires model, and the result is the same.

How can I fix this problem?

When you say "the wheels stay locked" are you referring to steering, or forward/backward motion?

Have you made sure that everything is assigned a contact material and that you have a Material table loaded?

Thanks for the reply.

I meant foward/backward motion. And it is solved, the problem was that the wheels constraint's angular control still was motorized. I changed it to free, and now the rover move foward and backward, and steering also works, but the simulation is not stable. In the moment I put the mechanism in a scene, the parts fly out after starting the motion, like they were colliding. Maybe the problem is that the wheels are not in direct contact to the chassis part. I have tried with attachments points and with different types of constraints, but the result is very similar in all the cases. I have made sure that all of them are assigned a contact material, and I have followed carefully the steps in the tutorial.

If the parts fly off, could be that your collision rules are not set up properly. Assembly should not collide with Assembly, and Assembly should not collide with Vehicle Systems Dynamics Component. 

Also, if you still have separate constraints for your wheels, remove them. Attaching the wheels to the chassis is taken care of by the Vehicle Systems. 

The collision rules are set up correctly. If I remove the constraint that simulates the engine, between the wheels and the piece that holds itself, it does not work, just because the rover is articulated, and, although the vehicle system attach the wheels to the chassis, the other articulated parts are free, as the picture shows.


In fact, I just want a way to have a real model of the rover´s engines, and if possible to have as input the torque desired, and as output the speed reached, to implement the control in Simulink. I have been searching in Vortex Studio Essentials without finding any solution that approachs to my idea.

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