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Establishing A Stable Simulation

Dear All,

Good day.

I would like to know if there is verification on the impact of adding new functionalities to an existing scene to the simulation frame rate? Apologies for I am new on the software.

I am using an OPC connection to run a scene on a Vortex Player

When I add additional extensions on a mechanism, the OPC Module's read and write process takes up to more than 400ms. Until all connections on OPC displays errors on Warnings and Errors tab. I removed the added extensions then the simualtion becomes ok.

Attached here are the screenshot of the warnings and message for the local and slaves window.



Also on the slaves, there is a warning which I am not familiar? about CLSID?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Mark Jayvhie Belbar

Hello Mark,

Sorry for the late answer.

We see that you are registered for M&S on Vortex Studio Product.

Could you post your question to so that we can efficiently support you and do the follow up?

Best Regards,


I've had same issue .

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