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Replacing Joystick Interface with Keyboard

Would like you use WASD instead of AxisX and AxisY.

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There is several possibilities. 

- If you have the SDK you can derive from the IKeyboard interface and implement the function to do it.

- You can also create a python script that will listen to the keyboard, then the script changes its output to reflect the keyboard input and with some connections between some inputs field of a mechanism and the output of the python script you will have what you want.


I can't seem to figure out how to actually call the IKeyboard, I get nothing but errors in the editor. How do i simply call the IKeyboard.onKeyPressed() for the W key?

Hi Logan

Have a look at the ExKeyboardExtension tutorial. The plugin comes pre-compiled, you just need to drop it in your plugins folder.

The extension is meant to be added in to mechanism or a scene. 


Yes. I can add that to the scene, but it does nothing. Is there a way to call the keyboard inside of the Vortex Editor in a Simulation - Script, or no?

Hi Logan,

The IKeyboard callback functions are only called for keystrokes when the 3D view is in focus. Make sure to click on the 3D view to ensure that it is in focus.

Can you try that please?



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