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Loose Terrain Behavior


Which contact material properties in Vortex Studio Essentials do I have to modify for having a loose terrain behavior? Specifically, I want a terrain where the wheels slip, like the right side of this video:

Thank you.

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In vortex, there is a few ways to model contact interactions.

The "classical" way is called Rigid Body Response and is ruled via the Material Table where the contact interactions between rigid bodies is defined. To get the wheel / ground interaction as seen in the video, you have to parametrized the contact property in such a way that the normal reaction force is compliant enough to have the wheel to sink as you wish. And, on the other hand, the friction bound must be low enough to have the wheels slipping. In Vortex Editor, the compliance in the contact property is found at the top of the property view. The friction bound depends on the model chosen. We suggest the ScaledBox model (or ScaleBoxFast if performance is an issue). This model is based on the Coulomb friction theory.

If your simulation uses Vehicle System, then the wheel / ground interaction is ruled via Tire Model Response. Vortex implements a few Tire Models, they can be categorized in two: hard ground and soft ground.

In your case, obviously, you need one of the soft ground model.

It's a bit difficult to give more advise at this point as the final result is highly dependent on the specific characteristic of the vehicle you are simulating (mass, wheel dimension etc).

I would suggest to look at few chapters in the online documentation:

Best regards

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