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Determining actual sag value of a cable

Dear All,

Good Day!

I have an inquiry.

Can vortex calculate and show the actual sag value of a wire/cable?

Thank you



Hi Mark,

Are you talking about a catenary, or a flexible cable?

Sir Marc,

Thank you for your response.

for flexible cable.

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Hi Mark,

The cable System doesn't have a dedicated Output value for sag, but you have all the information required to calculate it, with a Python script, for example. 

In the Dynamics Generic Cable extension, there's an Output for current cable tension; cable weight per length is an Input in the Dynamics Properties section; you can determine the distance between the two origin points from their transforms (we should add a basic distance sensor!); and the force perpendicular to the cable length is usually only gravity. 

Sir Marc,

It is informative. Thank you for the idea.

How about on catenary? Can I get the local and global transforms of the segment using this type of cable system?

Thank you and best regards,

The Catenary type of cable includes Input values for sag and arc bend heights, so you can set them yourself. It also has the cable length and point info as Output values. 

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Sir Marc,

Glad to hear from you.

Thank you very much.

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