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Edit the Simulation Time Speed

I'm using Vortex studio 2018b in Windows 10 and developing with python SDK.

Is there any method for speeding up simulation time maintaining time-step. 

(e.g. like 2x fast forward in simulation)

There is a switch to make the application run as fast as possible This just removes the wait time between every simulation step that keeps the simulation synchronized with real time, so the simulation can run faster.

Just call this function on your VxApplication object before running the simulation:


This doesn't directly control the speed, though, so if you want specifically 2x simulation time, you'd have to manage that yourself. It should be possible to add your own delays in the script using standard python functionality. For example, the time module has a sleep function. 

Of course all of this assumes the processor is capable of running the simulation at 2x real time.

Thanks, Martin. 

I called the function you recommended, but it seems not effective when a mechanism reacts with earthwork system like digging task. When an excavator system takes the task in the air, it shows 23% faster simulation than synchronized one, but it improves only 2% in earthwork digging task. In this situation my CPU, RAM, GPU memory is plentiful. Then, can I conclude it is the fastest speed in a calculation in a physic model in Vortex Studio?

Or can you suggest cm-labs opinions about the bottleneck or suspect in this problem?

Optimizing a Vortex simulation is often an important step. There is always a compromise between the complexity and fidelity of the simulation, and the computation time required to run it. There is no specific limit to how fast simulations can run. We have relatively simple simulations that run at 1000 fps, and very complicated scenes that barely run at 60 fps. 

It is always possible to make a simulation run faster. Sometimes there is a simple reason why the simulation is slow and it is easily improved, sometimes there is no choice but to reduce the complexity of the simulation in order to get a better frame rate. 

The first place to start would be the Optimization Guide from the documentation, which you can find on the web site here:

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