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Edit Terrain Dynamics and Graphics

In the excavator scene with python SDK, I have done that received the information about the terrain by the height field output of terrain dynamics. 

Is it possible to edit the both of dynamics and graphics of terrain in specified shape through a vector double variable?

I've edited the terrain graphics with heightfield node. 

However, as I understand, physics simulation is based on dynamics, so a way to apply graphics information to dynamics back is necessary.



If you want to change the original shape of the data, there are two ways (at least/I can think of):

- soil layer extension: This extension is added to modify the original shape of the heightmap. 

- captured extension: The earthwork zone comes with a sub-extension of type "Terrain Capture". This extension captures the heights of the graphics gallery where the zone is placed. So you could modify the original data by adding items to graphics gallery/terrain file. This also captures the original material as well so I suggest you look into using the soil layer extension. 

For more details: layer



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