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World size limitations


I'm wondering about the size of our world and whether we will run into problems with physics/simulations as we get further from the origin point. We have a proposal to build a city 2 x 4 miles, so 8 square miles. I know from working with other engines that physics can be a problem due to limitations in floating point math at large scales. So if we drive all the way to the edge of the map are we going to be okay, for example digging in soil with the soil simulator, etc?


It should be okay. For example, take the excavator sample that comes with Vortex Studio and move it away from the origin as far as your city's limits, then dig around. 

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Great, thanks!

Ran some quick tests at 4km and 8km from the origin. The soil particles seem fine at 4km, but there were definite artifacts and wonky behaviors at 8km. 

For the time being I wouldn't recommend setting up an earthwork zone beyond 4km from the origin (which should still be okay for your use case). 

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That's great info. Thanks, Marc-Alexandre!

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