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Optimizing for large worlds

Another question about large worlds. We would ideally like to have a richly detailed city but without loading the entire thing into memory at once. If we broke the city into small chunks, would we be able to load only the nearby terrain/geometry? And then if the user drives near a new section, it could load asynchronously in background (while also unloading areas that are further away)? We want it to appear seamless without hiccups/loading screens.


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Hi Ben,

The dynamics SDK supports that use case, see

Some of our customers have successful projects using that API, it requires you to code in c++, in particular the terrain source and the asynchronous loading of pages. However, our graphics engine does not support paging our of the box either, this would also require some thought and coding there.

If you are interested, the tutorial section provides an plugin that runs in Vortex Editor under \Vortex Studio 2018c\tutorials\ExPagedTerrain\.


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