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How to send a transformation matrix with a UDP network

Hi everyone,

I am communicating Vortex Studio Editor and Simulink through UDP, but a data type that matches with a transformation matrix do not exist in the UDP modules.

Is there a way to send this type of data using UDP in Vortex Studio Editor?

Kind regards,

Pablo Romeo

University of Málaga

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Hi Pablo, 

I solve the problem in this way (see the attached image) … I split the matrix in the script and send X, Y, Z ,RX, RY, RZ, separately via UDP. 

Hope this help. 



(284 KB)

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Hi Johnny,

I am facing issue in UDP data sending to the hardware can you plz help in that regards.



Hi Vivek, 

first of all (if you haven't already tried it) I suggest you send an udp data package from the PC to your hardware via any UDP network utility, so you can exclude any networking issues (firewall, routing, ports, hardware network config,...) 

If you can send and read the package then you can check your configuration in Vortex Studio, I followed this documentation: 


Hope this help. 


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Hi Johnny,

Thanks for your help.

Actually, we are able to solve this issue using some of our custom python scripts which are able to do all the calculation and sending data using script only, Vortex UDP extension having very less feature. that's why I have developed my own script using socket which is able to deal with external data.

Johnny, are you ever try to install any external python package like Tkinter into vortex environment.

Can you help in that regards?



I'm sorry but for the moment I have no experience with install external package into vortex.



I would like to get in touch with you. can you ping me on Skype(vk04190) so we can discuss a couple of things?

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