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Issue with the constraints


I Have some problem with the constraints in vortex editor 2018c :  


- When I add the constraints, (double clicking on the specific constraints icon) the settings window does not appear,  the constraint is inserted immediately in the explorer (in the 2018b version the dialog windows appears correctly).  


- The second is the display of "constraints arrows", I see them only when they are inserted until I close the file, when I reopen the assembly again I do not see the constraints arrows anymore (the constraints are ok, work properly see Attachment image)   


do you have any tip to fix?   


Thanks! Best regards,   


Hi Johnny,

The settings window that appeared when creating a constraint has been removed from the Editor in 2018c. But there are two features that should get you the same functionality in a simpler or more advanced way:

  • If you have multiple parts selected (select one part, then ctrl-click another) before creating the constraint, the parts will already be filled in the constraint. Using this method, the offset will automatically be set so that the constraint is consistent, and the name of the constraint will set according to meaningful convention. This all happens without opening the old settings window.
  • If you do need more detailed, advanced control of the constraint attachments, you can click the ... icon next to the Offset heading on the constraint properties: 


  • This brings up an Attachment Offset window, which is similar to the previous constraint window, but has more functionality. It can be used to set the offset relative to any other object in the assembly, or the other part using the 'Copy from' feature. There is some description of this at the bottom of the Editing Constraint Properties documentation. 

Regarding the display of constraint accessories, there are two places to control the display. The one you showed in your screen captures is a global setting to show all constraints. But each constraint can also be shown or hidden individually. If you right-click on the eye icon near the constraint in the Explorer window, you can toggle the visibility. You can do the same on any parent file to show or hide accessories for many different types of objects. 

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Thanks for the answer! 




You're welcome!

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