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Availibility of Vortex Studio Essentials

Is Vortex Studio Essential still free and available for download? I wanted to use it with V-REP simulation environment.


Found the new information here in case if someone is looking for it.

"The Vortex Studio Essentials program has been discontinued as of April 15, 2019. Any existing Essentials users will be able to complete their active licence period.

A new Vortex Studio for Academics program is available, providing a free edition of Vortex Studio to validated students and staff of qualifying academic institutions. Please complete the request form to obtain your licence.

For corporate clients, please contact our sales team to discuss the new Vortex Studio subscription model and schedule a demo."

Hi Jędrzej,

That is correct. We did this because we realized that most of the Essentials downloads were academic and research users, and they would be better served with a dedicated support program. 

V-REP should continue to work with the Vortex Studio for Academics licenses. If it's not the case, let us know and we will work with our colleagues at Coppelia Robotics to address the issue. 

I'm still unable to received licenses for Educational purpose... I contacted support many times without success... My university project team is now looking for alternative.

Hi Mr. Martin,

Have you opened a support ticket? Which email address did you use? I can't seem to find your name in our database.

Please log into your CM Labs account and submit a ticket stating the name of your university/institution and your role. We have processed several academic license requests in the recent past without problems.

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