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UDP: Error When Binding

I have created a vehicle simulation in which the vehicle's pose and position is being controlled through telemetry being sent through a computer network.  I've created a new UDP module and have setup a UDP receive signal source where a python script is converting pose and position to a local translation of my vehicle model in the mechanism.  My simulation is functioning and the UDP receive is working as desired but I am getting a warning in my Explorer Tree when I test the mechanism, see error below.

VxUDP: Error when binding. Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network/port) is normally permitted.

I have verified that the inbound UDP packet is the only thing accessing that port and I cannot find anything else that would be causing this binding warning.  Am I interpreting the message incorrectly or is there something not configured correctly with my control device and script links?

Hello Eric,

This error happen when the UDP module cannot, as described in the log, bind the socket. Normally this happen when someone attemps to re-use a port. It could also happen if you use a privileged port (< 1024).

First make sure that this isn't the case. If it still fails, attach a screenshot of the Vortex Studio Editor properties of the UDP Receive extension used in your setup and maybe we'll be able to see what's wrong.


The UDP module is not using a privileged port.  One the simulation is activated the UDP binding error shows up in the explorer tree. The UDP packet is still getting through and the simulation appears to be functioning properly but with a binding error.  I've attached a screenshot of the properties.


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