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Vortex studio 2019a is running slow on PC


I have installed latest version of Vortex Studio setup (i.e Vortex studio 2019 a) on my PC, and setup successfully  installed.But its become very slow while opening the Vortex Studio Editor 2019a  as compare to Vortex Studio Editor 2018b. 

Please help to resolve this lagging issue.

System configuration :

Processor : Intel(R)Core(TM)i7-6700K CPU @ 4.01GHz

RAM : 32.0GB

System type : 64-bit Operating System, 64-based processor

OS : windows 10 Enterprise, 64-bit

Graphics Card : NVIDIA Quadro P4000

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do you have values reported by the profiler or screenshots of the 3D view with metrics enabled (F3)?

which drivers are you using for the Quadro Card?


Thanks for reply. 

I have attached the screenshots of profiler and merrics. 

Details of Drivers :

Intel(R) HD Graphics 530

NVIDIA Quadro P4000


Have you been able to find the cause of the performance issues? From the screenshots given I would suggest the following:

* Setup the profiler to show details in 'modules update'. With more granularity we could see which module is costing most. Python script errors can cause similar symptoms.

* You can also look at the log file. On a Windows system it is found under %temp% and is named VortexEditor_{computername}_{pid}.log. The log file can contain user names, registry keys and computer paths and I do not recommend posting it publicly online. You can send it to


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