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How to create build/package of project in vortex studio


I want to create build/package of a project in vortex studio, so that i could test or share this build on the another computer system. Currently i am merging all mechanism files in the one scene and test it on my own system. But i want to share the build of this project to client side. I don't know how to create the build/package of any project.

Please help me to do this.


Rampravesh Bhardwaj

If I understand correctly, you've built a scene and mechanisms in Vortex Studio and you want to send them to another user. The latter, of course, will need their own copy of Vortex Studio, or a Vortex Studio Player application. 

Then it's just a matter of sending them the scene (.vxscene) and all associated files (.vxmechanisms, .vxassembly, .vxpart, .vxgraphicgallery, etc.). You don't have to compile or built anything -- the files you created and edited are the same files that run in the simulator. 

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Marc-Alexandre is right, just make sure that you keep the directory hierarchy structure when sending the files (and all their dependent files). I would simply recommend to zip from the root directory.

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Thank you for your quick response and your understanding.

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