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How do i downgrade Vortex Studio project


I was wondering if there is a way to 'lower' the Vortex Studio version associated with my project?.I have created a project in Vortex Studio 2019a version. I want to open it up in Lower version of Vortex Studio 2018b , but i can not now open it up in older version of Vortex Studio.  A fatal error occurs while opening its scene in the Vortex Studio 2018b, is there a way to do this?.

Please help me.



Rampravesh Bhardwaj

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Hi Rampravesh,

Unfortunately there is no easy way to re-save a file with an earlier version. From the documentation and the release notes:

We recommend that you back up your assets before migrating to the latest version. If saved, it will not be possible to open them again in their original version.

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