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Vortex File synchronization across the internet

At Oceaneering we have teams in diverse places that are working together.  Some engineers are in India, Norway, and Houston Texas.  I want to be able to edit a Vortex application and then compile and send it to all parties running it, updating automatically.

Is there a mechanism for this right now?

Do I have to build the app to run in a soecific Vortex mode, like the player?


Content can be synchronized between groups working on it by simply exchanging the files. Beware that the folder structure must be respected and individual documents cannot be merged when changed on 2 different sites. The application binaries are the same on all sites for the same Vortex version, no need to redistribute them however make sure that everyone is working with the same version. We do support backward compatibility (new version can load older content) however an older version won't be able to load content created with a more recent Editor.

OK thanks

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