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Citing CMLabs for usage of Vortex Studio

Hey everyone,

I have used the free academic version of Vortex Studio (with VREP) for my research project. I will soon be publishing a paper in that and was wondering if there is an official citation for the usage of Vortex Studio that I could add in it? 

Thank you.


Hi Saifullah,

I am happy to hear that Vortex Studio has proved useful in your research.

There are various ways to cite use of Vortex Studio in your publication. You can for example refer to the Vortex Theory Guide or cite a certain release of Vortex Studio as done in Comparison of Mixed Linear Complementarity Problem Solvers for Multibody Simulations with Contact and Inverse Kinematic Control of a Free-Floating Underwater Manipulator Using the Generalized Jacobian Matrix respectively.

Some more examples of Vortex Studio citing can be found here:

Let us know if you need more information and good luck with your publication.


Hi Daniel,

Thank you very much for a quick response. The examples provided seem to be good enough for my purpose. I will look into them and see which release serves the best for my research publication.

Thank you again!

My pleasure. I am glad I could help.



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