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About the effect of the wind.

Hi everyone,

I am testing cables on a crane.

Now, changing the SkyDome's wind speed does not seem to affect the cable or the suspended object.

What should I do to give them the effect of the wind?

I am using Vortex Studio Editor 2018c

Thank you.


For the cable, wind will have effect on the cable only for Flexible Segment. 

For those segments you need to set/enable the collision geometries and finally you need to Enable the Fluid Definition.

Hope this help,


A couple of things to add to the previous answer:

The SkyDome extension is purely for graphical effects. The wind speed in the SkyDome only affects the graphical effect of the wind or snow. It doesn't actually apply forces to cables or other parts. To do that, you also need to add a Fluid Surface to your mechanism or scene. This is the object that defines wind or water currents that will affect the physics objects. 

The Fluid Surface is parameterized by default to be used for water, so the Fluid Elevation is set to 0, and the Fluid Density is appropriate for water. It can also be used to model air; you just have to set the Fluid Density to something like 1.2 kg/m^3 (approximately air density at sea level) and set the Fluid Elevation to be something higher than the objects in your simulation. Then set the Fluid Velocity to match your wind speed.

Rémi explained how to enable the wind drag to affect a cable. You can also have the wind affect any other part too. For each Collision Geometry, there is are fluid properties that have to be enabled. Check the Drag Enabled field, and set the Drag Coefficient values to something reasonable. 

Corresponding documentation (this is written for simulating liquids like water, but the same applies to gaseous fluids like air):

Fluid Interaction

Fluid Surface

Hello Remi, Martin,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I will try it.


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