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V-rep+Vortex not working

Hi, I've recently acquired an academic license for the vortex studio, but I don't know how I can use it with V-rep. I have already installed the Vortex Studio and activated the license, but when I use the vortex library on V-rep it says that I may not have the correct plugin installed. 

What I should do?

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Thank you for reaching out to us.

The screenshot you linked seemed to be an error from V-REP. I would advise you ask them to troubleshoot it.

On our side, as long as you have Vortex installed and Vortex license activated as well as the latest V-REP release installed, there is no extra steps to take to make it functional. 

Perhaps try to reinstall Vortex and V-REP and see from there if the issue still occurs. Then, I would redirect you to V-REPs forum for further information.



When I open the V-rep this message shows:

"ERROR: Compiled with the flag for AVX2 but not supported by the CPU.
Error with plugin 'DynamicsVortex': load failed (could not load). The plugin probably couldn't load dependency libraries. Try rebuilding the plugin."

Is it a V-rep Problem?


"ERROR: Compiled with the flag for AVX2 but not supported by the CPU"

My understanding is that the message tells you that your CPU does not support AVX2 instruction sets.

You need to upgrade your CPU or use a machine that has a CPU supporting AVX2.

As a note, all Intel and AMD CPUs support AVX2 for the last 5 years or so.




How can I upgrade my CPU to make it support the AVX2, or how can I see if it supports or if this is broken somehow and I need to repair it?

Thanks for your help,



Please see the following link, it has a list of all the hardware compatible with AVX2

Compare it to see if your computer can run it. Let us know the results.



Hi, thanks for the information, 

My CPU is a Intel I7 2700K, I looked on the list, but I couldn't find this model, so I looked on the information of this processor on the Intel site and it shows that it only support the AVX, but not the AVX2, if anyone has the error that I had, I found the information on this link, I looked on the extensions of the instructions and it shows that information.

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