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Vortex SDK Recorder Problem

Hi Sir, I'm study with Vortex SDK example, RecorderKeyboardListener.cpp, try to make some Recorder function. This is my code: [ std::string filename = "Recording.vxrec"; m_Application->getContext().getKinematicRecorder()->open(filename); ] And here is the error message when I try to run these code: [ INFO - Recorder: Requested to open file: Recording.vxrec WARN - VxRecorderModule: Exception when opening file Recording.vxrec (boostVx::filesystem::space: 功能錯誤。) ] Then I read the Recorder parameters, and get these message: [ INFO - Filename : Recording.vxrec Last Error : Can't open file. Mode : Not ready Play multiplier : 1 Current Frame Index : 0 Current Frame TimeStamp : -1 Current Frame Session Time : 0 First Frame Index : 0 First Frame Timestamp : -1 First Frame Session Time : 0 Last Frame Index : 0 Last Frame Timestamp : -1 Last Frame Session Time : 0 ] Regard, Benh, Aben-Tech
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you should have a look at the c++ tutorial 'MechanismViewer', file 'RecorderKeyboardListener.cpp'.

it will give you an idea of how to use the API.

Note that calls are asynchronous, as a consequence you have to wait for a status before proceeding to the next step, API call.


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