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Having a single camera ignoring all camera effects.

In our current simulation we have a handful of cameras, including those attached to vehicles and the environment.

We also have an additional God's Eye camera that can be used to make sure the user is able to see if the other camera's are unclear.

Is there a way to make it so that the God's Eye camera isn't effected by lighting/environmental effects like all of the others?

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This topic has been responded in private conversation, but I'll post it here for others to see.

It's suggested that you could create a Role for the God's  Eye camera that does not include the undesired lights or environmental  effects, and also create other Roles that do include them.

When a  Role is activated for a given Seat, any lights or environmental effect  extensions that are exclusively contained in other Roles will not be  shown for that Seat.

You can activate a Role in the Director via the "Roles  and Seats" tab, or in the Editor by right-clicking a Role and selecting  "Activate"

I hope this helps!

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