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Wrapped Sim that worked in 2018, does not work in 2019.

VxSim::ApplicationConfigSerializer serializer;

VxSim::VxSmartInterface<VxSim::ApplicationConfig> config = serializer.getApplicationConfig();

auto masterConfig = config->getNode("Fwd Cam");




auto fileManager = mApp->getSimulationFileManager(); 

This no longer works in 2019. I am running everything exactly the same, except it crashes on the getNode line. Any reason?

Every call to 2018 is switched to 2019. It just does not work.

Please help.

Do you have anything in the log file?


Faulting module path: C:\CM Labs\Vortex Studio 2019a\bin\VxFoundation.dll 

Nothing in the logs is much help. No indication of errors.


I've converted this forum ticket into a support ticket. 

Please see ticket number 9105       

Thank you,


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