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Vortex studio not working even when licensing has been done

I registered the new activation key for Vortex Studio Academic as can be seen in Fig_1. I also obtained the license file by registering offline and providing the Host ID and subsequently downloaded the same. However, when I start Vortex Editor 2017a, it prompts to register the key as can be seen in Fig_2. If I go ahead, I can see that the license is there as in Fig_3, but the academic license is not working.

How can I solve this issue?

(3.93 MB)
(5.01 MB)
(5.64 MB)

Hello Joyjit Mukherjee,

Your screenshot shows that your activation key is valid for the 2019 version.

If you're looking to work with Vortex Studio in Academic version, you need to download the latest version from the CM Labs web site.



Hi Marc,

Thank You for the clarification. As you can see that I intend to use an Academic License of Vortex for my work. However, I can't use a 2019 version of Vortex due to the unavailability of the NVIDIA graphics card. My system has an Intel Graphics Card and hence I require an Academic License for Vortex Studio 2017.

So kindly provide me an academic license for the 2017 version of Vortex Studio.



Hi Joyjit,

We understand your issue, unfortunately the only Academic version available, including its license, is the latest from the download page, 2019c.

You might want to consider investing in an NVidia graphics card.



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