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Can’t open the Excavator VXSCENE samples

In my laboratory, we research excavator using “Vortex Studio Editor 2018a" and “Vortex Studio Simulink".

We use "Excavator" VXSCENE file from "Scenario" of "Vortex Studio Samples 2018a”. 

However, when launching the "Excavator" VXSCENE file since 2020, a crash has occurred in the "Initialization Environment ..." scene.

We can open other "Degense Vehicles" file, "Forklift" file etc …

Only "Excavator" VXSCENE file cannot be opened. 

Do you have any solutions?

Sorry,Topic title wrong.

Correct title is ''Can’t open the Excavator VXSCENE sample" 


To our knowledge the 2018a Editor should always be able to load the 2018a Excavator scene as long as your environment satisfies the System Requirements described in the documentation.

Perhaps you can find more information about what is causing the crash in the log files generated by the Editor. They are put into your PC's Temp folder. The log filename starts with "VortexEditor" and is of type ".log"


See "VortexEditor" file.

when launching the "Excavator" VXSCENE file,"VortexEditor"  ended with "- INFO - SpeedTree: successfully loaded: [C:/CM Labs/Vortex Studio Samples 2018a/Environment/Construction_Site/Graphic/Trees/EuropeanBeech_RT/]"  messege and a crash has occurred.

If it works correctly, maybe followed by 

"- INFO - VxRoleSeatModule: Seat EditorDefaultSeat have been cleared." messege, is there a solution?

Hi Masato,

In order to understand the nature of the crash we would need to see the crash dump that is generated automatically when the crash occurs.

Can you navigate to  %LOCALAPPDATA%\CrashDumps and attach the VortexEditor crash dump here for us to examine it?


Vortex Studio Support

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