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UDP: Communication in the Mechanism


I'm trying to send some variables of my vehicle model to Simulink through UDP. The variables that I'm sending are: lateral velocity and yaw angular velocity. To do this I split the Linear Velocity Vector and Angular Velocity Vector into a python script (see the image below).


The UDP Send Network was created in the Mechanism file, since I'm performing the simulations in this file. However, this option is grayed in the explorer panel and I couldn't configure the Remote Address and Port.


Also, when I start the simulation in the Mechanism file the variables that I want to send via UDP are not updated in the UDP Send Properties:


I've already read the Network Extension documentation, but I'm still having problems.



I think I solved the problem. I've inserted a UDP module in the editor.vxc file and now the UDP Send in the mechanism is not grayed out anymore. I found the editor.vxc file by going to C:\CM Labs\Vortex Studio 2019a\resources\config\editor.vxc.


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Hi Jose,

We are glad to hear that your problem is solved.


Vortex Studio Support

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