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CoppeliaSim (Vrep) friction parameters


I am simulating a pick and place task on CoppeliaSim with a simple 2 fingered gripper (please see the attached image). So I just need to get the friction accurate between the two gripper fingers and the object. 

I've read the user manual and I now understand most of the friction parameters but I just have a few quick questions regarding the different axes: Linear Primary Axis, Linear Secondary Axis, Angular Primary Axis, Angular Secondary Axis, Angular Normal Axis.

Firstly, could you please help me understand the differences between the primary and secondary axes? Although I assume in my simple case that once I have the primary axis' parameters filled in it would be reasonable to assume the secondary axes would have the same values?

Secondly, what are the angular axes? Or again would it be reasonable to have these values the same as my linear axes?

And finally, I have to set the orientation of the linear primary axis. I understand this is a unit vector but what direction should this be in? The positive Z as I am lifting it directly up?

Sorry for all the questions, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you very much.


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Gentleman Daniel, thank you very much!

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Hi Matthew,

Out of curiosity, were you able to make progress in your project with the info I provided you with?



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