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Ubuntu 18.04 Vortex Compatibility


From what I can find in the documentation it appears that Vortex is supported on Linux for Cent OS and Ubuntu 14.04. Ubuntu 14.04 is EOL as of April 2019 and I was wondering if Ubuntu 18.04 or 16.04 is now supported?

Also, according to your Features and Compatibility page the Linux distribution of Vortex does not support a number of extensions. Is this up to date? I am very interested in using the Earthworks System/Deformable Terrain extensions with the Exacvator Scene. I am using the Vortex SDK with this scene as well to control the simulation execution and access the excavator joint states and terrain height map. Is this possible in Linux?


Hi Jacob,

While you can use Linux to run an earthwork simulation, the content creation via the Vortex Editor is currently only supported on Windows.

Also, the earthwork graphics are not provided on Linux.

I would recommend you using Windows for earthmoving related projects.



Hey Daniel,

Thanks for the info. As far as supported distributions go, is it possible to run Vortex on Ubuntu 18.04 and is the full SDK supported on linux?

When you say earthworks graphics are not supported would I still have access to the underlying HeightField? Also, what would the visualization display if I attempted to render it? Would it render anything at all?

I am currently working on windows, but linux would be much more convenient as I am having to jump through a bunch of extra hoops regarding installation of some machine learning libraries I need.



I just reread your message and realized I missed the part about content creation. Does that mean that I can't use the SDK to do any content creation on linux, or just for earthworks?

The content creation will be limited. Some items would be quite hard to set up in code, such as Generic Bucket or Earthwork Zone, given that the workflow includes the Vortex Editor.

You can of course use the Vortex Editor to create some items on Windows, and then programmatically modify them or use them as you like in a script or C++ application on Linux just by loading the corresponding assets (mechanism, scene files).

I hope this helps.



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Thank you. That does help. Just to make sure I'm understanding correctly I have a few follow up questions:

1.)If I create a scene with an excavator and an Earthwork Zone in Windows, transfer that to Linux, and load it with a C++ application then I will still be able to access the fields of the Earthworks content such as the Height Field? 

2.)And I can do this in Ubuntu 18.04 not just 14.04?

3.) What would the visualization display if I attempted to render a scene with an Earthworks Zone? Would it render anything at all?

Thank you

Hi Jacob,

Sorry for the delay. Your last comment somehow slipped through the cracks. My apologies.

1) Yes, you could access all the fields.

2) I am not sure which Ubuntu version would work here. Sorry. The release notes of Vortex Studio state the linux distributions and versions that we tested with. Others might work fine though.

3) I am not sure about that one, since this is not something we do use internally. You might have to test it.



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