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Adjusting Earthwork system soil


I made an excavator scene with earthwork system, and following the documentation, I made Earthwork zone and converted it to Deformable terrain.

Doing some simulations, the terrain was diggable but I wish the soil were somewhat more loose. When the excavator bucket digs the earthwork zone, the front part of the lower frame is raised, rather than bucket keep digging into the ground. (As shown in the picture belo)

I tried changing soil material but it didn't help. How could I fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Choi,

While you can't modify the physical soil parameters related to the shear strength and compressibility of the soil presets you can make them softer by simply changing the initial compaction degree of your deformable terrain. In the deformable terrain dynamics component, modify the "Initial Relative Density" parameter to something lower.

The lower the value, the looser the soil is and the less resistance it produces when manipulating it.

Hope this helps,


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