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Keyboard Input on Vortex 2018b

Good Day, 

 Would like to consult if it is possible to access keyboard as an input on Vortex 2018b?

Would like to control  my signals by pressing designated keys on keyboard.



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Hi Mark,

There is a Keyboard extension as of Vortex Studio 2019a.

You can use it to receive keyboard inputs. It's available under "Input Devices".



One limitation of the extension is that it needs to be added to a node with a GraphicsModule (to receive the keyboard events from the window) and will only respond to key presses when the 3D window has the focus. The last point is actually also a good thing since you don't want your keyboard extension to receive whatever you're typing when you're in the Player or Console UI.

If that is not what you are looking for, there is always the ability to implement your own custom extension that derives from the IKeyboard interface. See here:

Let me know if that helps.



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