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How to access Profiler data in Python script inside editor

I would like to access data that is in the Profiler tab in Vortex Editor. I would use this to monitor the time taken to execute modules/process events during the simulation.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Lyon,

There is an API available with which you can obtain all the profiling data.

Essentially, you can create your own specialized extension that you can add to your content (scene or mechanism) which would be able to receive the profiling data every simulation frame. You can then do with it as you please (e.g., expose it as outputs in this extension and then connect these outputs to other extensions in your content etc.).

This specialized extension would need to derive from the VxSim::IProfilingDataCollector interface and implement the onProfilingDataCollected() function callback.

See here for the API documentation:

A general guide on how to create your own extensions can be found here:,_Objects

There are also tutorials that come with your SDK (see <vortex installation>/tutorials) which demonstrate how to create custom extensions.

Here is some extra information how to filter in and out specific profiling data elements in the profiler, via the application setup file of your simulation (e.g., the editor's vxc file; see editor options).

Let me know if that helps.



Hi Lyon,

Some additional information in case this is useful.

We have a convenience "CSV profiler extension" which will automatically create CSV files with all the profiling data for every simulation session.

You can add this extension to your Application Setup file (.vxc).

It can be found under the "Monitoring" category in the toolbox here:


It must be enabled (it is by default) and the "OutputDirectory" must be set.

"Precision" is for the number of decimals in the data, where "0" means that the writer extension decides.




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