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VHL Logger for Exporting CSV File

Dear All,

Good day.

I am using the VHL provided by CM Labs to write a CSV file and modify it to export string and boolean values. My problem is that when one of the outputs in the VHL interface is a null character, the succeeding row moves to the rows with Null Character. On what part on the attached script is the problem? Is there a way to consider the rows with null characters with no CSV format change? Sorry, I am not an expert in CSV Writing.

Here attached is the modified script and the desired and current output illustration.

I appreciate the answers. Thank you very much.





Where did you obtain this VHL script from? I would be interested in using this as well.

Hi Mark,

Sorry for the long wait. This one slipped through the cracks it seems. I suppose you figured out the problem by now, as it is a rather general cvs issue, an answer for which can probably be found elsewhere in the internet.

Nonetheless, without inspecting your script, I would say that you need to add separators even if you have an empty string in order to clearly associate the empty string to the right column.

Something like this:


0, ,Name,Age

1, ,Name,Age


This should keep the empty string associated with the BBB column as desired.

On the other hand if you end up doing the following, all columns following the empty entry would shift over as you described in your issue statement:





Hope this helps.



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